yeargh jz had my 1st Internal Medicine class at 12.30..

aimi, min and me jz arrived a bit late. nasib baik smpat gak masuk wlaupn jalan belakang doc je..
perasaan cuak tu adala since ini kelas pertama internal medicine..takut doktor tu garang je..

luckily he's quite a funny person..


YUNA-Missing stars

I can't never really tell you
why i've been missing you a lot
and i just have to take another look
of your photo in my wallet

and there's no reason why
i keep your t-shirt by my side when i sleep
return when you really gone

it's like a missing star
that's always been up in your sky
it's like the rainbow never comes after the rain
it's like the sun never rises in every of your mornings
how am i supposed to live without those things
there are all you...