Part of being a medical doctor-to-be

I don't know why is it hard to become a doctor. It require a lot of passion and a very high motivation to get through the journey. Medical profession is not just a profession. It is more than that. For me, it is the state of mind. You either want to be in it or you want to get off it.

I am just a 3rd year medical student, but still that does not eliminate me from the stress it brings. I always worried about my performance, in terms in knowledge and the capability. Could I be a good doctor? Or the best doctor? The pressure so intense that I couldn't sleep. Sleep deprivation is the main symptom that frequently manifest during my exam week. Tomorrow is the OB/GYN paper. and i'm not sure whether i could answer excellently for that paper. Aish....2 more cups of coffee will make me stay awake through the night. I still need to pick up some more readings. I'll fight hard for this paper.

God, is this the path that I have chosen?


BiLLa ZaFiRa said...

Now i know knape Allah x bagi aku jd doc..haha..i have the passion but maybe not the capability..good doctors hv 2 hv both!

Then it reminds me to your fave quote come my fave quote also:

"Whatever happens, happens for a reason"

Wish You All The Best Mas!!!!

MeLLoW said...

thanks billa..aku pn dah agak2 melupakan that its totally true. Whatever happens,happens for a reason..

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

dear junior.

don't worry. you can do it!

MeLLoW said...

tq kak akmar..bila nk g umah akak ni..nk usha2 umah..hehe

duOne_sTarz said...

sabar3... nk jadik doktor mmg gitu. huhu...

MeLLoW said...

tq for ur concern duone.. :) sy cuba utk bersabar..

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