Episode Finale

My final exam has finished. Now, I can continue to write about the final episode of every tv series that I watched.

Let me begin with Grey's Anatomy(GA) Season 5.

Overall, I can say that I was satisfied with how it ended. With Izzie and George still have their fate hanging. Which one will end up dead? Will Izzie and George survive and still be a part of GA season 6? The end of the season 5 is the beginning of something new. Something that will keep all of us wonder what are the fate of certain important characters in the series.

The two hour episodes, by far is the best from Shonda Rhimes. I really love how she choose to twist George's character. Seriously, i couldnt tell that the man that been hit by bus was George. At least not until meredith say that "HE IS GEORGE. JOHN DOE IS GEORGE".

By the way, E! online has confirmed that TR Knight will not be the cast for season 6. So basically my assumption is that George will be the one who die.

I can't wait for season 6 to start..

PS:// I'm running out of time to keep writing as i have to pack my luggage. I'm going back to Malaysia tomorrow..I'll continue later.

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