21 things new doctors need to know that medical schools do not teach!

1. It takes about two years or so for the euphoria of qualifying as a doctor to wear off - about a third of the time it took to qualify.

2. Nobody cares how much your education cost you, particularly when it comes to your salary scale.

3. You will need business savvy to run a successful practice – hard work alone is a rough road to financial failure.

4. No matter how good you are, or how hard you try, some patients will just not like you.

5. Patients come first – above your family – and your life partner will not understand.

6. Primary care (family) practice is the hardest field in medicine – no matter what the interventional paediatric neuroendocrine radiologists might tell you.

7. Never do a specialty where you need to wear gumboots or wash your hands before going to the bathroom.

8. Avoid lawyers at all costs.

9. Your free medical advice will come back to haunt you.

10. The patients you bend over backwards for are the ones most likely to let you down.

11. Burn out is inevitable- unless you are superhuman and on Oprah Winfrey.

12. Balance your job and family life? Forget it - unless you are an interventional neuroendocrine paediatric radiologist.

13. The best affordable care you can give is probably not going to do the job.

14. You don’t need sleep. Or public holidays.

15. Rich doctors probably inherited or made their money somewhere else.

16. You will make mistakes, and may be sued, but the instances won’t necessarily be related.

17. 90% of what you learnt in medical school you will forget.

18. 90% of what you need to know can’t be found in textbooks. Or at medical school.

19. Intuition can’t be taught. Never ignore it!

20. Redefine "success" in your own mind before you embark on your career – if money features too high on the list, you are in the wrong profession


21. .....any other job after medicine will seem trivial and meaningless by comparison!

Enjoy your career!!


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