MD in Unibraw


Seperti yang pernah diceritakan sebelum ini, selepas SPM saya memohon untuk SPC (skim pelajar cemerlang) MARA bagi tajaan ke luar negara, dan alhamdulillah saya menerima tawaran untuk ke Indonesia. Tapi saya harus terlebih dahulu membuat A level selama 2 tahun di KTT, Sepang. I was in matrix when I got the letter for SPC. I am glad that I didn't have to stay in matrix because I don't like it there. Haha.. I never have a 2nd thought and I went for the MARA offer.

I've started my MD course since August 2006 exactly after I obtained my A-level result. Basically, I have used a year more than a normal matriculation student. My course will take 6 years here in Universitas Brawijaya, Malang.

I am a 4th year student (8th semester). There are 2 stages. Pre-clinical (Tahap Pendidikan Akademik Kedokteran) aka Sarjana Kedokteran and clinical (Tahap Pendidikan Profesi Dokter). From 1st-4th year is when we have to study all the theories, from Anatomy to everything. Far more years if compare to Malaysia Medical school.

1st sem to 7th sem is when all the focus on theory only, while 8th sem is when we have to adapt to our clinical years. We have this so called KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata), it just like Com Med; Clerkship ( when we have to observe ONLY in 4 departments-Paeds, OBGYN, Internal Med, Surgery); we have to finish up our TA (Tugas akhir) aka FYP; and still we have lecture on few more subjects. Semester 8 is the last sem when we have to go to lecture. Then comes our "Yudisium" which is like a graduation on theory part. Syarat untuk mendapatkan Sarjana Kedokteran (S.Ked) ialah dengan memenuhi semua prasyarat di atas- siap TA, KKN beres, CGPA>2.00, 150 credit hours.

My semester 9th ; akan dimulai dengan kepaniteraan umum (PANUM), persediaan sebelum masuk klinikal. Secara khususnya kami akan belajar ttg physical exam and everything related to practical. Selepas selesai PANUM, kami akan mengucapkan janji Dokter Muda (DM). Kemudian kami akan berkhidmat sebagai DM atau dgn lebih glamour lg dikenali sebagai Co-ass (baca ko-as); co-assistant. Jadi rotation kami pun bermula dan selama dua tahun kami akan berkhidmat di sini dan dijadualkan habis pada Jun 2012. Then only when we'll get our MD..

Another 2 years and still counting.. Do I regretted my decision to go to Indonesia?? Perhaps not. I have chosen this path and there is no space to turn back. Clinical years: More cases if compare to Malaysia. I wish I could make the best out of it.. InsyaAllah..


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